The Dancer’s Workout was designed to enable former and current adult dancers to achieve their fitness goals through ballet, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary dance. Each class includes warm-up, stretching, a cardio dance segment which requires prior training in these disciplines, and toning exercises.

This is not a beginner’s dance class, as it requires the dancer to quickly assimilate ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop choreography. For intermediate and advanced dancers, both former and current, The Dancer’s Workout provides an exhilarating physical conditioning class.

The Dancer’s Workout is great for former dancers who want to find their way back home and for active dancers who are interested in maintaining flexibility and cardio stamina.


TDW Founder and
TDW-Certified Instructor


Jules is a classical ballet graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts who teaches The Dancer’s Workout® at various locations in North Carolina. Jules created The Dancer’s Workout and has a knack for teaching intricate choreography in a manner which is easy-to-learn, while simultaneously providing dancers with an exhilarating one-hour total body workout.

TDW-Certified Instructors

The TDW-Certified Instructors are a special group of dancers who have been hand-picked by Jules to teach The Dancer’s Workout® at various cities across the US.  Each of these instructors have exquisite training in classical ballet yet are quite versatile in jazz, contemporary, pop, and hip-hop.  They have received their primary dance training from top-tier centers of excellence.  The technical training these dancers originally received has been critical to their ability to teach The Dancer’s Workout® properly.  Each TDW-Certified Instructor has successfully participated in The Dancer’s Workout® Certification Program where in addition to demonstrating their outstanding dance abilities, they have each practiced and demonstrated their ability to teach The Dancer’s Workout® masterclasses we know and love.   You are in good hands if you sign up to take a class with one of the TDW-Certified Instructors!

For more information about the TDW Instructor Certification Program, please visit our certification page.

TDW Students

The Dancer’s Workout Dancers featured here are some of our current adult students who originally took ballet, jazz, modern, and/or hip hop when they were in middle school, high school, and/or college.  Then they stopped dancing when life got more complicated, with jobs, husbands, children, and those darn chocolate chip cookies!  But once a dancer, always a dancer, no matter how long it has been!  There is no denying your “Pearl,” that beautiful (thin) dancer who lives inside you!  Our featured dancers have rediscovered their passion for dance by joining The Dancer’s Workout classes.  We hope you will too!  Join the TDW Movement and rediscover the dancer within you! Reclaim your body!


lisa-before TDW
lisa-after TDW

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