The Dancer’s Workout® (TDW) is a registered trademark and only dance instructors who are TDW-certified are allowed to teach it.  The Dancer’s Workout® classes have become some of the hottest dance fitness classes available for adult ballet, jazz, and hip hop dancers!   TDW Instructor Certification opportunities are available!  Once certified, you are welcome to build an enthusiastic TDW client base in the city/cities of your choice!




2017 has been the year of TDW Instructor Certification!  While Jules, Founder of The Dancer’s Workout®, is the original (and for many years the only) TDW Instructor, we have now certified a total of 8 exceptionally trained ballet/jazz/contemporary dancers who have begun teaching The Dancer’s Workout®  in various cities!  These TDW-Certified Instructors are now offering weekly TDW masterclasses at various locations!  So exciting!  We have one more TDW Instructor Certification Workshop scheduled for 2017!

If you are a well-trained ballet dancer, we’d love for you to consider becoming certified to teach The Dancer’s Workout®  in your hometown.  Here’s a little background about the classes and the TDW Instructor Certification program…

The choreography associated with The Dancer’s Workout® classes uses intermediate ballet, jazz, contemporary, pop, beginner’s hip-hop, and toning exercises and is very precise and unique to TDW.  To date, Jules has choreographed 25 TDW “masterclasses” – each masterclass lasts approximately one hour and uses the various dance genres mentioned.  Some classes have more ballet or more pop, but basically all of these classes use a little of each genre.  As you probably know from visiting our online classes, each of the classes are named (e.g., Later Alligator, Sunshine and Popcorn, Confessions, Twinkle Twinkle Naughty Boy, Casting Spells With All That Jazz, Good Girls and Dragonflies, etc.).  If you haven’t seen a TDW class yet, click this link and watch “Hope-Up Close&Personal”:’ll need a password – the password is   TDWHOPE  

If you’d like to see another example, select ONLINE CLASSES above and follow the prompts to watch our free full sample class, called “Later Alligator.”  For this one the password is TDWgift – Be sure to watch how the choreography builds across songs!

The overall body conditioning from The Dancer’s Workout® masterclasses is amazing.  We’ve seen former dancers who begin taking our classes drop 25-40 pounds within three-six months of starting these classes (look at our before and after photos under ABOUT US).  Amazing body transformations!  Each class burns about 700 calories.  The bottom line is that these are FITNESS classes which use ballet, jazz, contemporary, etc., not dance technique classes, and they do wonders for the body and spirit!

The target audience of our students are women aged 16-60+ who took ballet when younger.  There are millions of women across the country who took ballet when they were younger.  In general we do NOT market these classes to non-dancers and beginners.  Instead, we focus on welcoming current and FORMER DANCERS who have not danced in years, as these are the ones who miss dance desperately and who want to recover their bodies.  Current and former dancers love these classes like crazy and are the most loyal students!

To become a TDW-certified Instructor, you will need to first demonstrate your classical ballet and general dance proficiency by taking one or more of our in-person classes or by submitting a 1 to 2-minute video of yourself dancing (send a dropbox link to  Preference is given to dancers with ballet training who are versatile in jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop.

All 2017 candidates for certification must attend an in-person workshop during which you will receive training in TDW class instruction, learn how to build and maintain a following of students, practice teaching, and demonstrate proficiency in providing proper leadership/cueing and teaching of at least one of the masterclasses.

Once certified, TDW Instructors are not expected to choreograph their classes.  Instead, as a TDW-Certified Instructor with an active membership, you will receive one one-hour class per month, fully choreographed.  This helps ensure a constant flow of new choreography at the local level while standardizing the TDW brand across the country.

There is a fee for the initial training; and once certified, there are monthly dues to activate certification and remain certified and eligible to receive the choreography for one new TDW masterclass per month.  The initial Classes of 2017, being the first TDW classes, will receive a substantial discount on these rates, and there will be some scholarships available.  Once certified, ninety percent of the revenue generated by your classes will then be paid to you, the TDW-certified Instructor. 

The first TDW Instructor Workshop occurred in May, 2017, resulting in our first set of lovely TDW-Certified Instructors who are currently teaching throughout North Carolina and who will be teaching in New York City and LA, starting in September/October, 2017.  The second TDW Instructor Workshop occurred on July 10-12, 2017, in Raleigh, NC, resulting in a second set of lovely TDW-Certified Instructors and TDW-Certified Substitute Instructors who are beginning classes in Cary, NC and Athens, GA.

The third and final 2017 TDW Instructor Workshop is scheduled for the October 8, 9, and 10, 2017.   If interested in becoming certified to teach The Dancer’s Workout®, contact Jules at the following email address:

A fully online TDW Certification Program is being developed and will be available in 2018 for those who cannot attend a Workshop in person.  Please let Jules know if you might be interested in the online program planned for 2018.  (Scholarships will not be available for the fully online program, and monthly certification dues will be  $75/month for studio owners.)

At this time, there are a few full scholarships available for the October, 2017 Workshop.  In addition to covering the cost of the workshop ($200.00), the full scholarship includes free (optional) lodging and food at a resort-like residence in North Raleigh for the duration of the Workshop.  This beautiful lake-front resort contains a 1000-square-ft, on-premises dance studio, where the majority of the workshop will be held.  Travel expenses to Raleigh, NC for the workshop will need to be covered by the dancer.  Once certified, both the scholarship recipients and those who have paid the Workshop fee will be required to pay monthly membership dues of $30/month in order to activate and maintain certification and receive access to monthly masterclasses.

Current certification training plans are as follows:  Prior to the Workshop, the dancer will need to review three one-hour videos of The Dancer’s Workout® classes.  Once at the in-person Workshop, the dancer will learn and practice TDW class choreography and receive training and practice on the art of TDW class instruction.  Class instruction training will include the opportunity to practice teaching portions of a TDW masterclass in local area dance classes.  The workshop will also provide training on how to set up classes in your city/cities of interest, how to market those classes to generate good attendance in your classes, and how to use The Dancer’s Workout® mindbody system to register, sign-in, and collect online class payments for your students.  After successful certification, one masterclass will be provided per month to active TDW-certified Instructors digitally (video).

TDW-Certified Instructors will receive ongoing support, mentorship, social media, and marketing assistance from the wonderful TDW managers/dancers you will meet during the training process.  We want you to be successful, and we will help you grow your new TDW business.

Thank you for your interest in The Dancer’s Workout® Instructor Certification.  Please see the Application Process below and get your application in asap.  Our full scholarships are available to dancers with exquisite ballet technique on a first-come/first-served basis.  We are currently accepting applications for the October Workshop.

Application Process

Scholarships will be awarded to qualified dancers on a first-come/first-served basis.  If you are seeking a full scholarship, get your application in as soon as possible!

To apply for acceptance into the program and scholarship consideration:

  1.  Send an email to Jules at and provide the following information:
    1. Name, address, cell phone
    2. Brief summary of dance training in ballet, contemporary, and jazz, including the number of years of classes in each discipline and the website of the school(s) where you received the majority of your training.
    3. The city/cities where you would like to teach The Dancer’s Workout® and the general timing of when you would want to start your classes.
  2. Provide Jules with a 1- to 2-minute video of yourself dancing which demonstrates your ballet and/or contemporary ability.
    1. The video can be an iPhone video or a professional reel.  It does not have to be formal or professional; it just needs to demonstrate your ballet dance technique.
    2. Contact Jules at for help in submitting the video or go ahead and place the video in and send Jules the link.
    3. Scholarships will be awarded to qualified dancers on a first-come/first-served basis.

Workshop Details

The Dancer’s Workout® Instructor Certification Workshop will be held on October 8, 9, and 10, 2017 in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The workshop starts at 11:00 am on Sunday, October 8, 2017 and ends at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

The workshop venue is located in North Raleigh, NC.  The address will be provided to dancers accepted into the program.  In general, the address is near the Creedmoor and 540 intersection in North Raleigh, NC.

The workshop will include TDW class attendance; presentations regarding TDW class instruction, marketing, recommended fees for your students, and how to build student followings; and practice teaching opportunities at local studios.   We will work hard and play hard at this resort-like venue.  Bring lots of workout clothes and your bathing suit for relaxation in the hot tub which overlooks the lake.

Join the TDW Movement!  Get your application in today!

Instructor Testimonials

Read what current TDW-Certified Instructors are saying

``As an instructor in the fitness and wellness industry I have attended many trainings, courses, and certification programs, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by the level of organization and attention given at The Dancer's Workout® instructor certification program. In fact, I would even go as far as to say it is the best training I've been to, and that is something, considering that mine was the first TDW teacher training done yet. In the past I have attended trainings only to find myself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information, underprepared, and alone in starting my own classes. I left The Dancer's Workout® training feeling confident, supported, and ready to go. Jules is so caring. She has done and is doing everything in her power to set us up for success! Thank you Jules.``
Abbie / TDW-Certified Instructor
``Jules has done an incredible job of creating a community within her program. The certification program has been enlightening, encouraging, and hard work. Jules is so organized and presents all of her wisdom and knowledge in a high-energy, positive way. During the program, I learned a lot about how to be a better dancer, teacher, and person through the example Jules is and through the curriculum she has created. One of the things I loved best about the workshop was the amount of team building incorporated and the stressed importance of the relationships between the TDW family members.``
Madison / TDW-Certified Instructor
``Over the past three days I have been challenged mentally and physically. It has been such a wonderful experience to understand the background and purpose of TDW. Jules has a great vision for reaching former dancers. I am grateful to learn, grow, and teach for this dance fitness program. I have appreciated all of the support Jules has provided both during and after this process. I look forward to seeing how this grows in the upcoming years.``
Edward / TDW-Certified Substitute Instructor
``The Dancer’s Workout® Instructor Certification Workshop has been an amazing experience! Jules presentations were by far the best educational/professional learning I have had…ever! Bravo! Jules, Sara, and Ashley are a wonderful team. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my love of dance with my students. I feel confident and supported to be successful in spreading the TDW Movement! I look forward to enabling my students to feel all the joy of dance without the worry of perfection. I truly believe in TDW as a wonderful physical and emotional way to care for our bodies and souls.``
Deena / TDW-Certified Instructor