The Dancer's Workout Fitness on Demand

Dancers (both current and former),

We are so excited you have found The Dancer’s Workout®, and we would love to have you dance with us!  As various ballerinas across the country are getting certified to teach The Dancer’s Workout®, our classes are becoming available in numerous locations!

Email us your zipcode, city and state, and we’ll help you find a studio near you!  Include the names of dance studios near you where you would love to take the classes.  

And don’t forget to join our main TDW Facebook page so you can stay updated as we add new studios across the country.

Let’s get you dancing with our in-person classes!

As an alternative, we have also teamed up with Fitness on Demand to bring The Dancer’s Workout® classes to you!  Imagine being able to take an unlimited number of exceptional dance fitness classes for the cost of a monthly gym membership! The Fitness on Demand system allows you to schedule daily classes according to your personal availability!  Class times are completely flexible to fit your busy schedule!

This is how it works: Your gym has an empty studio. There’s a computer kiosk beside it. Out of curiosity you touch it and the names of virtual exercise classes appear. You touch your favorite, which is, of course, The Dancer’s Workout®. You pick one of our classes (e.g., Casting Spells With All That Jazz; Twinkle Twinkle, Naughty Boy!; Confessions; Good Girls and Dragonflies; etc.)  A huge screen comes down from the ceiling in the studio.  The Dancer’s Workout® virtual dance class begins!!

Find a Studio Near You!  There are >3000 fitness facilities across the country with Fitness on Demand.  Fitness clubs include Bailey’s Gyms, Gold’s Gyms, Snap Fitness, YMCA.  Corporate fitness centers include Walmart, Apple, and General Electric!  Hospitality/hotels include Marriott, Fairmont, Hyatt, and Best Western!  Many apartment complexes with fitness facilities now offer Fitness on Demand as well.  Call any of these facilities in your area and ask if they have Fitness on Demand.  If so, ask them to search for The Dancer’s Workout and/or a specific class (e.g., “Casting Spells With All That Jazz”).

Let us help you!  We are happy to help you find a Fitness on Demand near you.

Email us your zipcode, city and state, and we’ll help you find a studio near you!

(If you’re feeling a little shy, consider our ONLINE CLASSES.  You’ll love them!  When you’re ready to take in-person classes, just email us to find a studio near you!  You can do this!)