Class Description

Non-stop, high-energy, and exhilarating! Current and former dancers who are bored by treadmills, gym fitness classes, and traditional exercise regimens will love the interesting way The Dancer’s Workout builds choreography throughout the hour and culminates with an exciting dance at the end of the cardio segment.

Jules has choreographed the actual dance instruction into the class so dancers can reap the benefits of non-stop movement while learning the choreography. To complement the cardio portion of The Dancer’s Workout, each class also includes careful warmup, stretching, and toning exercises.

Calorie counters report 600-700 calories burned per class. The before and after pictures of The Dancer’s Workout dancers speak for themselves!

This is not a beginner’s dance class, as ballet fundamentals and the ability to quickly pick up choreography are required.

The Dancer’s Workout is great for former dancers who want to find their way back home and for active dancers who are interested in maintaining flexibility and cardio stamina.

How do I take a class?

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- Alissa, TDW Pearl
``Dear Jules, Thank you for following your dream and creating The Dancer's Workout. It has truly blazed a trail for others to come home and dance safely. Whether you know it or not, you have made it possible for others to dance freely, confidently, without fear of judgement and without unrealistic ideas of perfection. You've made it possible for others to love their body types without comparison and envy. For me, you've helped me rediscover a part of me I thought I'd lost forever and had grieved that loss tremendously. So, Jules, thank you for following your heart, so I could follow mine.``
- Alissa, TDW Pearl
- Natasha, TDW Pearl
“If you want to move your body, have a great time with great people, and get an amazing workout … then you have come to the right place! Being part of this class has really brought that balance and happiness back into my life. I'm still relatively new to The Dancer's Workout but I already feel like part of the family.”
- Natasha, TDW Pearl
- Amanda, TDW Pearl
``Hi, my name is Amanda, and I joined The Dancer’s Workout about a month and a half ago. I did not dance for over 10 years. I always looked for a place to dance because that’s my passion. Nothing quite clicked until I found The Dancer’s Workout. Ten years ago, I did break my foot in dress rehearsal for the Nutcracker, and I was unable to dance for over a year. When I was about to go back to dance, the doctor told me that I couldn’t. He just felt that I was unfit for it due to the pin being placed in my foot, and it was really heart-breaking. So I found The Dancer’s Workout and I love it! I’ve been there for a month and a half, and it’s been so great, it’s become kinda like my extra home. Jules is such a great choreographer and she does such a good job of making everybody feel welcome. I’m so happy that I found The Dancer's Workout. I can’t wait to see where it takes me in my new dance journey. I’ve definitely already lost some weight and I can’t wait to see if I lose more. I fit into my pants even better than I ever did, and it’s a good feeling!``
- Amanda, TDW Pearl
- Sara, TDW Pearl
“I am so glad to have found The Dancer’s Workout. After taking a ten year break from dance, I was interested in starting back up again, but was having a hard time finding any classes for my age range that weren’t introductory classes. Then I came across The Dancer’s Workout! Having been out of practice for so long, I was very nervous before beginning my first class, but five minutes in and all my worries faded away.”
- Sara, TDW Pearl


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