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Dancers (both current and former),

Welcome to our online portal!  Here you can find access to our FREE SAMPLE CLASS and information about our TDW online classes which are available through our TDW membership programs.

Check out our FREE SAMPLE CLASS!   Be sure to watch or take the class in its entirety so you can see how the choreography builds across the hour!  As you’ll notice, during the first 7 minutes we review the choreography; then we turn the music on and dance, dance, dance!  Enjoy!


Want to take TDW classes in the privacy and convenience of your own home?  Join one of our TDW membership programs to have access to our library of The Dancer’s Workout® classes!   Click here to see videos!

We call the abbreviated classes “TDW Bikini Bootcamp” classes, but don’t let the name scare you!  These 35-minute classes are actually the easier portions of the full classes, and they build upon your love of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance while adding in our lower-body toning exercises.

Our TDW Bikini Bootcamp classes are great for both former dancers and current dancers wanting to get in shape and/or stay in shape between in-person classes!  And in the middle of your Bikini bootcamp class, if you decide you want the full masterclass right on the spot, it’s easy to upgrade!

Also included in our online membership are several of our full, 60-minute classes for days when you have the room and time to take the full classes!

Our adult dancers LOVE these exhilarating, full-body dancer workouts.  Each class uses interesting, fun, and integrated ballet, jazz, contemporary, and beginner’s hip-hop choreography, plus toning exercises, to get you and keep you in tip-top dancer’s shape!

Join the TDW Movement today and RECLAIM YOUR BODY!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do that:  Project to TV

You can either check out our TDW Instructor Certification program OR… if you have a dance studio with a big TV or screen in the studio, you can schedule TDW classes, project these virtual classes in your studio, charge admission, and keep the payments!  You’ll love the community of adult dancers these classes will enable you to build!

We have a special treat just for you!  ALL OF OUR MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES include our Dancer Restarter Trilogy, which is a series of three specific classes designed for former dancers who have been out of the studio for a LONG time (years or even decades).  The first two classes in the re-starter trilogy are designed to get you back in shape carefully so that you can join Jules and the rest of the TDW dancers in the more challenging TDW masterclasses, either in-person or via our virtual classes.

We’d love for you to start dancing with us from the privacy of your own home.  But if you want to dance with us in-person, either join our IN-PERSON classes (in Raleigh-Durham, NC), or click our “Find a Studio” link, and we’ll help you find a studio in your area which offers The Dancer’s Workout® classes in a spacious studio!

Welcome to The Dancer’s Workout® family!  Join the TDW Movement today and Rediscover the Dancer Within You!

It’s time to Reclaim your Body!


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Dear Dancers (both current and former),

Whether you have been consistently dancing this past year or have let too many months or years slip by, we invite you to JOIN THE TDW MOVEMENT, Rediscover the Dancer Within You, and RECLAIM YOUR BODY!

For a limited time, The Dancer’s Workout is pleased to offer you this FREE, one-hour online class which you can do in the privacy of your own home.

This masterclass, named, “Later Alligator,” uses ballet and jazz choreography and provides simple warm-up, careful stretching, exciting dance cardio, and targeted toning exercises to recondition your body and spirit!

Join the TDW Movement today!

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